Day 5 – Friday

All challenges complete, except for the Riddle and only because we haven’t heard from Ellie. Two of our team members cannot complete this due to StudyLink related issues, which then means they can’t login or get a laptop 😦

We haven’t heard from the photographer from the Nelson Evening Mail so we can’t upload proof that we were there but I can assure the point scorers that Alex Fogerty, Holly Drummond, Darran Leigh, Hamish McNaught and Andrew Miller attended.

Update: We stole this from The A-Team as our photographer didn’t come through for us. You can see myself, Alex Fogerty, in the white shirt sitting on the steps with Hamish McNaught sitting next to me. Holly Drummond, Darran Leigh and Andrew Miller were over the road partaking of the quality coffee in the shade.


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