Day 3 – Wednesday

Treasure Hunt complete! Alex Fogerty, Darran Leigh, Andrew Miller, Hamish McNaught and Holly Drummond attended (but someone had to hold the camera!)

At Saniti, keeping our sanity!

At the Student Centre, where students get help and some food next door!

At the NMIT Library, where dead cellulose goes to live!

At the Prince Albert, the closest place for royalty!

At 623 In The City, not very Asian!

At Noel Leemings, not related to Susan Boyle!

Us scratching our heads over the next location. Google provides!

At Subway!

0.007575 chain = 15.238476 centimetres = 6 inch!
0.015151 chain = 30.4789637 centimetres = 1 foot long!

At Whitcoulls, formally known as Whitcombe & Tombs!

Irene Van Dyke in old rugby boots? Irene isn’t open until 12pm? Sprig and Fern!

At Fresh Choice, where people go to get fresh food once their cupboards are empty!

Alan Turing is the answer to the final clue, he invented the Turing Machine which was used to crack the German Engma Code during WW2. He was convicted of homosexuality but committed suicide soon after. He was post-humously pardoned by Gordon Brown in 2009.

Two wild NMIT staff have appeared! Looks like they’re having coffee outside Robert Harris!

Update: Our team attended the Mystery part of challenge week and we built this website in 32 minutes (because we were busy blogging the stuff above!):


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