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Day 5 – Friday

All challenges complete, except for the Riddle and only because we haven’t heard from Ellie. Two of our team members cannot complete this due to StudyLink related issues, which then means they can’t login or get a laptop ūüė¶

We haven’t heard from the photographer from the Nelson Evening Mail so we can’t upload proof that we were there but I can assure the point scorers that Alex Fogerty, Holly Drummond, Darran Leigh, Hamish McNaught and Andrew Miller attended.

Update: We stole this from The A-Team as our photographer didn’t come through for us. You can see myself, Alex Fogerty, in the white shirt sitting on the steps with Hamish McNaught sitting next to me. Holly Drummond, Darran Leigh and Andrew Miller were over the road partaking of the quality coffee in the shade.


Day 4 – Thursday

Today we have completed our video ‘Behind every successful superhero is a geek’.

Alex Fogerty, Darran Leigh, Hamish McNaught and Holly Drummond took part of the flash mob at 1pm today at the Cathedral Steps. Martin de Ruyter,¬†a photographer from the Nelson Evening Mail was there and took photos, he has promised us copies for this blog and that we might get into¬†tomorrows paper.¬†Photos to be uploded shortly! During the “one minute freeze” we heard two Asian tourists saying “They look so life-like!” which made it really hard to hold the pose with a straight face!

This is who the NMIT staff really are… the silly, funny, ecletic NMIT I.T. Team! (a.k.a. The Muppets!)

and…. the theme tune is…. (skip the intro by 47 seconds)

That’s all for today!

Day 3 – Wednesday

Treasure Hunt complete! Alex Fogerty, Darran Leigh, Andrew Miller, Hamish McNaught and Holly Drummond attended (but someone had to hold the camera!)

At Saniti, keeping our sanity!

At the Student Centre, where students get help and some food next door!

At the NMIT Library, where dead cellulose goes to live!

At the Prince Albert, the closest place for royalty!

At 623 In The City, not very Asian!

At Noel Leemings, not related to Susan Boyle!

Us scratching our heads over the next location. Google provides!

At Subway!

0.007575 chain = 15.238476 centimetres = 6 inch!
0.015151 chain = 30.4789637 centimetres = 1 foot long!

At Whitcoulls, formally known as Whitcombe & Tombs!

Irene Van Dyke in old rugby boots? Irene isn’t open until 12pm? Sprig and Fern!

At Fresh Choice, where people go to get fresh food once their cupboards are empty!

Alan Turing is the answer to the final clue, he invented the Turing Machine which was used to crack the German Engma Code during WW2. He was convicted of homosexuality but committed suicide soon after. He was post-humously pardoned by Gordon Brown in 2009.

Two wild NMIT staff have appeared! Looks like they’re having coffee outside Robert Harris!

Update: Our team attended the Mystery part of challenge week and we built this website in 32 minutes (because we were busy blogging the stuff above!):

Day 2 – Tuesday

Today we met up at 11am at the Student Centre. Alex Fogerty, Holly Drummond, Andrew Miller and Darran Leigh attended. Jesse Jones and Hamish McNaught were not able to attend due to other commitments.

We set up this blog today to cover our achievements over the following week.

Alex and Darran have received their laptop today, Holly will receive hers on Thursday and Andrew will get his as soon as StudyLink contacts him.

We have decided to set up twitter accounts in our own time after this meeting. Alex Fogerty has completed his.

We have decided on what we will do for ‘Who are we… really?’.

We have printed out the Rules for Using the Computers and decided on ‘No Inappropriate Content… etc’. After throwing around some ideas¬†our team¬†designed this image in Photoshop and uploaded it to Photobucket. ¬†We originally decided to unveil this on Friday but later decided that¬†it is nice to have a regular show of outputs.

We have agreed to meet at 10am in Room 214 tomorrow (Wednesday). All Challenge Week teams please meet on Thursday at Room A214 at 2pm for the Flash Mob that will take place at 2:30pm at the Chathedral Steps.

Day 1 – Monday

Introducing the Tech Crunch Crew, consisting of…

  • Alex Fogerty (Team Leader)
  • Andrew Miller
  • Darren Leigh
  • Hamish McNaught
  • Holly Drummond
  • Jesse Jones

We arrived today as individuals attending the Powhiri and the start of the IT Challenge week, and left as The Tech Crunch Crew!

We have agreed to meet tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am outside the Student Centre.